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About eREADZ

eREADZ was established in 2009 with the ambition to become the go to service for digital books in the Nordic Region. Adapting to market trends, eREADZ has become the pioneer in the ebook subscription space supplementing our original single copy sales business model. Our catalogue of high quality titles is the largest in the Nordics and includes all titles from several of the worlds largest publishers, the Nordic regions largest publishers and the small independent imprints across the region in 5 languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English).

As a reader, you may choose between Borrowing ebooks (with an eREADZ subscription) or buying individual copies. We strive to provide a User experience that makes it fun and effortless to read. Whether that be reading on your favourite device or finding your next read. Use our website and free mobile apps to browse our catalogue by Genres, Author, Recommended reading lists or view a friend's bookshelf for inspiration.

We work hard each day to create an affordable, bespoke and unique reading experience for you. With eREADZ in your pocket, you are free to travel the world and from anywhere, access all the literature it has to offer. Share your passion for literature and connect with like-minded readers. We are here for you and would love to hear from you what we can do better.

Our promise to you is that each day we will listen to your feedback, so that eREADZ can continue to deliver the best reading experience possible!

We continually work on making eREADZ better for you...